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37 High-efficiency bidirectional low-voltage power converter for fuel-cell electric vehicles
Journal of Power Electronics 2023.09
36 22 kW High-efficiency IPT System for Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles
Journal of Power Electronics 2022.12
35 An 11 kW Bi-directional On-Board Charger with High Efficiency of 95.8 % for Electric Vehicles
Journal of Power Electronics 2022. 01
34 A High-frequency Welding Power Supply based on a Full-Bridge Converter capable of AC 220 and 440 V Operation
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 2021.11
33 Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge Converter with a New Rectifier Circuit
Journal of Power Electronics 2021.10
32 A power balance technique for high power welding machines with modular design
EPE Journal 2020.07
31 Torch motor control algorithm for low spatter CO2 arc welding of ultra-thin steel sheets
Journal of Power Electronics 2020.07
30 Study on Boost Converters with High Power-Density for Hydrogen-Fuel-Cell Hybrid Railway System
Electronics 2020.05
29 Interleaved Isolated Single-Phase PFC Converter Module for Three-Phase EV Charger
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 2020.03
28 Design of an Isolated DC/DC Top[ology with High Efficiency of over 97-% for EV Fast Chargers
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 2019.12
27 Design of 5-kV/5-kW Magnetron Power Supply Using PWM SRC With PISO-Connected Transformer
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 2018.07
26 An Improved Wireless Battery Charging System
Energies 2018.03
25 Isolated PFC Converter Based on an ADAB Structure with Harmonic Modulation for EV Chargers
Journal of Power Electronics 2018.03
24 A modified series-capacitor high conversion ratio DC?DC converter eliminating start-up voltage stress problem
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 2018.01
23 Improving the light-load regulation capability of LLC series resonant converter using impedance analysis
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 2017.09
22 A High-Efficient Low-cost Converter for Capacitive Wireless Power Transfer Systems
Energies 2017.09
21 Standby-Loss Elimination in Server Power Supply
Energies 2017.07
20 High-Power DC-DC Converter Topology for Battery Charging Applications
Energies 2017.06
19 Analysis and Design of Hybrid-Type Converter for Optimal Conversion Efficiency in Electric Vehicle Chargers
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 2017.04
18 Wide ZVS Range Asymmetric Half-Bridge Converter with Clamp Switch and Diode for High Conversion Efficiency
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 2016.05
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